After 20 yrs of shooting weddings I have allot of advice to give. Here comes the bride

Do you have what it takes?….
1) You must have at least three of everything cameras lenses,flash units,chargers,batteries,S.D cards,tripod reflector camera bag.Know how to use your equipment!
2) you must be able to work well under stress,dont ever panic!Never every be rude to anyone,always keep your cool!
3) you can never call in sick,if you are sick,suck it up
4) if the wedding is an hour away,leave two hrs before the time you are suppose to be there
5) you MUST be a people person and get along with everyone
6)You must be able to take charge when you need to.
7) I would recommend knowing how to shoot with 35mm,that is how you really learn .
8) work as an assistant to a wedding photographer in order to gain experience.
9) can you be on your feet for eight hrs without a break?
10) get to know the other vendors,work as a team
11) get to know your clients, communicate often,meet with them if possible, do their engagement photos a good way of getting to know each-other
12) must be able to put people at ease.
13) it helps to have a sense of humor!
14 treat each client as if they are your only ones, this is a once in a lifetime day for them, always be honored to share this day with them.
15) go over what is most important to your couple,pay attention!
16) know what shots to take,after you have shot many weddings you should know this intuitively.
17) work with your couple on the time line,light is so important to photography,especially if it is an out door wedding.
18) familiarize yourself with the venue.
19) You should have a few years of professional photography under your belt before you
even attempt to take on a wedding!
20) Everyone with a camera now a days is a “photographer”The market is fierce,develop a style that sets you apart,never copy any one else s work,do your own thing!
21) Best advice, a great wedding photographer is a great story teller!
If you t hink you do have what it take and you have questions,feel free to ask me.


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