Tips On Photographing Children

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I started out as a child photographer, often times I get carried away with the children at a wedding,they are my favorite subjects because the are themselves,allow them to be themselves,never ever ,tell them to look at the camera and say cheese. I allow them to lead, I follow them, in order capture those endearing moments of childhood,

When you take a picture of your child, you want to catch their spirit and personality in the image. The best way to capture their essence in a photograph is to let them be themselves. , many of my favorite images are when they’re doing their favorite activities. Try to fade into the background so they forget you’re there, and they can just be themselves. WATCH YOUR BACKGROUND


Be aware of the background of your picture to make sure that it is not too distracting or overpowering. You want the viewer of the picture to focus on your child and not the background

Get down on their level – Shooting from an adult’s perspective looking down on kids will leave you with average looking shots. Get on their level, make the camera level with their eyes (or even slightly below) – do this and you’ll get much more intimate shots.

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Speaking of fun – do your best to make the shoot as much fun as possible. Show the children some of the shots you take, ask them to do funny things, be funny yourself – all of this will bring energy to your shoot, help the child to relax and capture some of their spirit. The more fun they have the more genuine and engaging the shots will be.
Powerful child portraits are much different than “look at the camera and smile” pictures. A true portrait will reflect a child’s personality, energy and uniqueness that every one of the bundle of joys have.

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Play. Children cannot care less for photo production and the importance of the long lasting memories.What any child really wants is to have fun. The art of working with children is to structure the photo shoot as a play. Use a fun prop – something child can interact with but that is also aesthetically appealing

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Expect Unexpected. Leave the room for spontaneous action.Do not expect the child to stay in that most perfect setting you thought of.Allow her to wonder around and be prepared to shoot a moving subject.


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