Florida beach weddings,advice by creativefreedomphoto



Dreaming of a beach wedding? After twenty years of shooting beach weddings in Florida I have allot of helpful advice.

Do rent a house on or near the beach!  I find that at the resorts you tend to feel like a number, not special at all and sometimes many other weddings going on the same day.There are so many gorgeous  rentals on or near the beach..I have seen some houses that can accommodate your entire wedding party.

My favorite beaches in Florida are in Clearwater, Indian Rocks beach,Redington shores,St Pete Beach,Sarasota  and  St Augustine,just to name a few!


PLEASE stay away from the summer months, rainy season here in Florida are extremely hot,humid =uncomfortable.=it will probably rain.

Everyone seems to get married on Saturdays,try an off day a week day or Friday/Sunday.You might get a discount with some of your vendors also the best vendors are more likely to be available (I book up Saturdays as much as two yrs in advance)

Have everyone come to you,hair and makeup (highly recommend the air brush) do hire professionals dont have a friend or relative do your hair and makeup!

Timeline/Ceremony,I get asked this question allot”What time should I have the ceremony”? About two hrs before time of sunset. You want to have your beach ceremony when the sun is low in the sky,much more flattering light for your photographs.

Pastels look beautiful on the beach,do incorporate pastels in your flowers bridesmaids dresses etc


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