One of the greatest compliments I have received from my street photography in New Orleans was from a former client who is fifth or sixth generation New Orleans,she said that ‘You have really captured “the soul of the place” that mine were different than any she has seen.

  My passion in photography is “people photography. There is no better place on this earth for me other than New Orleans, I feel at “home” there,I feel “in love” there ,I never feel lonely, To me its the people who make the place beautiful/magical. There is art and music everywhere,I feel at my height of inspiration,I see a great photo everywhere I look. If I could only photograph New Orleans for the rest of my life I would be in photographers heaven. I dont feel that way where I live in Florida I dont think I have ever once said,”Oh,I wish I had my camera” Why dont you move you ask,? If I had the $$ to I would leave in a split second.
  If you look up songs written about New Orleans it would blow you away the list goes on forever.
  Street photography is not just about candid shots, I often times go right up to someone and strike up a conversation,learn about them while I am photographing me this gives the viewer a more intimate view of the subject..It is not just about people either
Its not only the people,its the colors the buildings
the signs,oh my!

“Its a sign”


New Orleans is a work of art!


I am in love!


The City Of 2nd Chances! “Beauty from Ashes (ninth ward)






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