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What sets me apart as a photographer is that I am an artist in paint.All of my work is available for sale on

I started to paint when I was 14 yrs old




I am just now beginning my career as an artist in paint.For years all of my creative energy went into my photography. At this point I am concentrating on my artwork


“Me Too”

“Me Too” by fellow friend and artist Jenna Miller. Extremely powerful piece, It is uncomfortable, frightening and shocking – and that is EXACTLY how people SHOULD react with when they realize someone has been sexually assaulted. It is a completely natural intrinsic reaction, which is much more that what has typically been shown or hidden in the past. I believe the discomfort simply means – Jenna Miller – you have successfully accomplished getting others to feel something for what so very many of us live with every day of our lives.Bravo to you, sweet soul. Bravo to you… It is available for sale along with all her other work on




final one cajun queenst pete psalmre birth 1

Above Cajun Queen,Psalms 4:8,and Re Birth

finnished Still I Rise




Nina Simone,Jim Morison,Richie Havens

I paint With my soul.My inspiration comes from music,people I feel passionate about and,what I call “Emotive” art (what is deep inside) from within.



Martin Luther King “Love Wins” and “Jesus Is The Reason”


1 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-001
magic fellow gone ocd
“The Sun Is A Very Magic Fellow”
1 a going to carolina for the last time
“In My Mind I’m Going To Carolina”


trouble in mind jj finale

“Trouble In Mind” Janice Joplin

All of my work can be purchased on


Wedding guests by creative freedom photo

I always tell me couples more guests=more stress,you dont need to invite 200 people to your wedding.Its  quality not quantity!grandma-for-ws

When to do the group shots and who should be in them? What I usually do is get the group shot session done after the ceremony.Make sure that you tell all beforehand who needs to stay put.You do not want someone who disappeared to the bathroom holding up the session.

New Orleans superdome

What I tell my couples dont make a list of every combination you can think of.make it simple.Example bride and groom with brides immediate family,then add on the extended family,then the same with the groom.Entire bridal party,bride with gals and groom with his guys.


Discuss with your photographer if you want them to be fun formal or both. Appoint an assertive and organized friend or family member to be in charge of the list and assisting your photographer.If you plan all of this in advance and all goes smoothly it should take no longer than twenty minuets.

Featured Image -- 1166

Before the ceremony is a good time to get all the guys together and all the girls for some bridal party shots.I usually look for an interesting background.They dont all have to be posed!


Thing of creative ways to entertain your guests,receptions tend to be redundant.Photo booths are fun,or you could hire a caricature artist,table magician,cigar roller etc make it your own,make it unique,get creative!

Children are adorable at weddings and make for some great photographs.I do not recommend a candy bar,children have enough energy without all of the sugar! How bout keeping them occupied with table games ,fun things for them to do.

Notice  beforehand if there is an Ariel view at the venue,if so arrange to have the entire group (everyone at your wedding)  to be photographed.That is a great vantage point for a big crowd.

Or you could include all of your guests in a parting shot